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PV Bus Bar

With an aim enhance current conductivity that significant gears higher performance, PV fusion extends its product offering with precocious bus bars that proficiently cunduct the direct current generated by the solar photovoltaic cells.


Technical Details:

Product Solar Bus Bars
Material Copper + Tin alloy SnPb 60/40
Copper Thickness 0.05~1.0mm, tolerance + 0.003~0.005mm
width 3.0mm~6mm,tolerance +0.03~0.05mm
Edge Type Natural Round Edges
Coating Thickness 15-25 um per side
Condition Elongation > 30 %, Yield Strength < 145 Mpa, Tensile Strength 160-190 MPa
Conductivity 100%
Spool Type PLS 4, HKV 160,10 S