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Submersible Winding Wire

The Submersible Winding wire has great significance in the submersible pump industry, and its demand is increasing day by day across the globe. The submersible pumps are consistently affected by mechanical corrosion and abrasion. They also face issues like extra heat & higher temperatures at some stages in operations. Additionally, it performs underwater operations which makes it more challenging. The standard protected wire channels will not suit such conditions. And with these challenges of Submersible Pump in mind Vidya Wires Presents to you a crown jewel from its unique product range, called Vidya’s Submersible Winding Wire.


Technical Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 500 Kilogram
Material Copper
Insulation Material PVC
Diameter Dia 0.4mm to 2.8mm
Number Of Core 3 Core
Type Insulated
Elongation(%) 24 to 34
Tollerance 0.004 to 0.03mm
Nominal Resistance 137.15 to 2.44 ohms/km At 20 deg C
Weight Od Poly Wrapped 1.467 to 65.228 kg/km