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Top 8 Key Facts & Parameters About Wire Packaging To Watch Out For
April 22, 2022 by

The importance of maintaining proper, industry-approved packaging standards for enameled copper wires is immense. Faulty packaging can easily pull up the risks of wire damages (which are likely to be irreversible) during storage and transportation. Lack of knowledge about and/or negligence while packing copper winding wires can also cause excessive mechanical and impact shock, touch risks, and resultant loss of functionality. That’s precisely why leading copper wire manufacturers typically adhere to the latest packaging standards & parameters – ensuring full wire safety and ruling out possibilities of damages. We will elaborate more on this in what follows:

Different Types Of Reel and Spool Types Are Available

Based on the nature of electrical applications where the insulated copper wires would be used, custom requirements vary. That, in turn, determines the type of wire packaging that needs to be done. Top manufacturers and suppliers offer different customised varieties of reels and wire spools. In particular, the spooling needs and specifications of buyers are taken into consideration at the time of packaging. The relatively larger reels can contain 350-400 lbs. of wire.

Reel and Spool

Parallel Spools and Taper Spools

Plastic spools are generally used for packaging enameled copper wires. The spools can be either taper-barrelled or cylindrical-barrelled. Both types of spools are designed with due care, and according to the needs of the buyer. The parallel spools are prepared in adherence to the latest DIN standards (European standard for wire packaging & associated parameters). On the other hand, the taper spools are available in PT4, PT10, PT25 and higher types. For fine wires, bi-conical spools can also be used.

Parallel Spools and Taper Spools

Reel Dimension Accuracy

Copper magnet wires often get damaged when the reels in which they are supplied cannot support the cable weight. Hence, it is of utmost importance to check the dimensions of the reel, before proceeding to the wire packaging stage. Broadly speaking, the wire diameter and overall length are key determinants of the reel size required. Manufacturers have to ensure that the ‘minimum safe-bending radius’ of the winding wires is not affected in any way at the time of packaging, transit and/or delivery.

Use Of Premium-Quality Cartons or Boxes For Wire Packaging

For packaging and transportation of copper/aluminium wires and cables, sturdy boxes and cartons – made of premium material  – are used. This ensures that there are minimal impact shocks and wire damage risks during the shipment, and the delivery can be completed in a safe, hassle-free manner. The growing environmental concerns have also made it absolutely necessary for wire & cable suppliers to use recyclable material in the packaging boxes they use.

Cartons or Boxes For Wire Packaging

Ensuring Global Standards and Traceability

Maintaining consistency and transparency in enameled copper wire packaging and delivery process is something that all leading wire manufacturers & suppliers prioritise on. The spools, in many cases, come with high-quality stretch wrapping – ensuring higher longevity of the wires as well as better spool reusability. The spools are also carefully barcoded, to track and monitor both quality and weight parameters. With enhanced traceability, uncertainties over wire packaging are eliminated.

Need To Handle Higher Weight Shipments

To make sure that relatively heavy wire shipments are safely handled, proper palletisation is extremely necessary. For this, pallets of optimised quality have to be used – so that there are no chances of cracks, breakages or other damages whatsoever. When the overall loads are consolidated in pallets, wire delivery to even distant locations becomes safe and glitch-free. Any good copper wire manufacturer, like Vidya Wires, has the capability of expertly handling the packaging requirements for large wire shipments.

Protecting The Main Features Of Enameled Copper Wires

From superior flexibility and elongation, to heat-shock-resistance, anti-corrosion assurance, easy solderability and resistance to oils, chemical reagents & solvents – the best-insulated copper wires come with a series of key features & functionalities. The wire packaging has to be done in a manner that does away with all risks of the original features & quality of the wires getting compromised. The insulation class of the copper magnet wires also need to be factored in, for the determination of the ‘right’ packaging method.

Protecting Enameled Copper Wires

Wire Packaging Should Not Cause Damages In The Insulation Layer

Through salt water pinhole testing, copper wire and cable manufacturers systematically detect the presence of discontinuities (i.e., pinholes) in the enamel surface of the wires. As a rule of thumb, only the wires and cables that pass the pinhole test are delivered to customers. However, due to faulty packaging, the smoothness of the wire surface/outer layer can be affected – and there can be accidental scratches, causing the wire enamel to be damaged. As a result, risks of short circuits (when these wires are used) go up. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to make sure that the packaging will not cause excessive stress on the wire surfaces and enamel.

Insulation Layer

The Final Word

Handling copper wires and cables is serious business. If the packaging is not done right, the wires can get damaged, there can be surface abrasions and other problems – leading to wire failures. In case these problems remain undetected, risks of electrocution can go up – while the applications where these wires are used (e.g., transformer motors) can also get damaged. In order to ensure longevity, performance consistency and complete safety, the wire packaging simply has to be at par with international standards. In a nutshell, there is no room for error – when it comes to packing enameled copper wires and related accessories.

Let’s just say – properly packed wires are the best ones!

The Vidya Wires Promise

At Vidya Wires, world-class wire & cable packaging standards are adhered to at all times. Premium-grade packaging material, boxes and cartons are used for shipments – and due care is taken to ensure that the key characteristics & features of the wires are maintained at all times. Quick turnaround times, certified wire packaging parameters, and prompt & safe delivery are key reasons behind the sustained success & growth of Vidya Wires. For more than 4 decades, Vidya Wires has been delivering excellence – and packaging quality optimisation is an integral component of what we do. Every single day.

Wire Packaging

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