They say happy employees keep clients happy. Of course, that’s undoubtedly true! But what keeps an employee happy and motivated?

Is it only salary? No! Salary is fundamental to every employment contract. So, the salary would drive attendance and KRAs but not happiness.

So then, is it incentivizing a remarkable performance? Maybe, but not fully!

Then, what is it that drives a delightful working atmosphere in a company? We know every business owner would have a unique answer to our question.

However, we feel it is the company’s healthy internal environment that keeps them motivated to do what it takes to contribute to the company’s success.

At Vidya Wires, while being a customer-centric company, we also value our employees who work relentlessly toward the organization’s continued growth.

But what is it that we do to maintain high employee morale and make our existence more meaningful? Here’s the answer.

Vidya Wires Exemplifying Employee Engagement with These 8 Techniques!

People-centricity is one of Vidya Wires’s values. Accordingly, we respect every bit our employees contribute and maintain an employee-friendly environment. Here’s what we do to as a gesture of respect and admiration for our employees.

  • Ensuring Employee Recognition and Appreciation

No matter whether small or big, we appreciate every bit of contribution that each employee of ours gives towards organizational progress. We celebrate every success with equal zeal, irrespective of the employee’s position in the hierarchy. That helps boost our employee’s morale and maintain healthy competition in the company, wherein employees help each other to perform better.

  • Organizing Regular Health Checkups

Health comes first! Accordingly, we conduct regular health checkups for our employees. We invite doctors from reputed healthcare organizations who perform comprehensive physical and emotional checkups. Our employees receive transparent reports about their health and recommendations concerning improvements. So, while keeping our employees happy, we contribute an effort to keep them healthy as well.

  • Conducting Team Bonding Activities

Individual strength, talent, and skills matter. However, we firmly believe that we can deliver and achieve more as a team than we can as individuals. At Vidya Wires, we regularly conduct team building and bonding activities in various innovative ways. It helps us promote a culture of togetherness and encourage inter-departmental collaborations that drive creativity, and innovations and augment individual and organizational performance.

  • Prioritizing Employee Safety

Employee safety matters to us as much as their health. Thus, we provide our employees with a safe working environment via competent manufacturing equipment, workflows, and infrastructure. Additionally, we conduct regular safety training sessions, emphasizing the importance of safety at work. Our safety officers set examples via strict adherence to safety policies. By doing so, they encourage our employees to comply with the required safety standards.

  • Maintaining a Positive Culture

Positivity isn’t merely an approach but a culture that takes years of consistent efforts and dedication toward employee well-being. At Vidya Wires, we’ve done that throughout our four decades of successful operations. We’ve built an energetic and positive culture that drives meaningful innovations. Our employees enjoy working in a vibrant environment that keeps the overall employee morale and the enthusiasm to deliver more and better, perpetually high.

  • Providing Development Opportunities

While working wholeheartedly, every employee expects their organization to provide professional development opportunities. As a responsible organization, we resonate with this thought and believe it to be every employee’s right.

Accordingly, we conduct refresher, skill development, and upskilling training to help employees progress professionally. While training employees, our management team members put employees through various tests and challenges. Such initiatives help employees realize their true potential and bring out the leader in them.

  • Promoting Workplace Diversity

Another significant reason Vidya Wires is a healthy and energetic workplace to work in is its diversity. We look for and welcome talent, regardless of cast, creed, gender, etc. Our employee strength comprises a significant number of women employees who contribute across various levels. 

  • Empowering Employees with Technology

Employees feel cared for when empowered. At Vidya Wires, we empower our employees in various ways. One of the most significant ones is technology. By employing technology-driven manufacturing and administrative processes, we help our employees be more productive and efficient. It eventually contributes to their satisfaction of delivering more value to the company.

Final Words

Employment isn’t merely a commercial give-and-take relationship. For sure, that’s integral. However, in the long run, when it comes to achieving a particular vision, it is about the exchange of sentiments that happens at the human level. It isn’t a contractual obligation, nor is it tangible. However, it is priceless and that’s what drives success as a team and at Vidya Wires – as a family!


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